At CNN yesterday

Love Lessons From Ice JJ Fish

Because it ain’t no topping you!

Iggy Azalea- Fancy feat. Charli XCX

Not my favorite song, but I do love Clueless. The video remakes a lot of our favorite moments in Clueless, such as gym class, lunch time and the famed highway fiasco with D, with a cameo from possibly Mystical. 

Killer Mike & El-P- “Run the Jewels”

Off the duos collaborative album, the song “Run the Jewels” is undeniably infectious. The pair has come together to make the album by the same name, Run the Jewels, that was on a number of best of lists for 2013. Though the content may be a far cry from the mainstream, they carry the essence of original hip-hop MC’s.

loving this song right now….KELELA from DC!